Lorilyn Wilson, CPA

Lorilyn Wilson, CPA

SMB Tax & Accounting Expert | Honorary Matt

Appears in 14 Episodes

Firm Fixer Upper

On this episode Lorilyn talks with Amanda Wilkie, from Boomer Consulting. Amanda gets into the "ugly" she has seen in firms, when they are slow to adapt to technology ...

Techno Overload

Lorilyn talks to Randy Johnston, about everything tech - from what technology accountants were slow to adapt to in the 90s, through cryptocurrency today, and what curr...

Finding Out What Your Client Really Wants

Lorilyn talks to Yvonne Scott, CEO of CIO Concierge LLC, about how she became an accountant, and led a technical audit team at the age of 24. They also talk about co-w...

Building Your Social Media Brand

Lorilyn talks to Nayo Carter-Gray, EA MBA, and CEO of 1st Step Accounting, about how she went from Twitter avoid-er to accounting influencer. Nayo also shares what she...

Meet Me Halfway : Meeting Clients Where They Need You Most

Lorilyn talks to Gabby Luoma about how she started her firm, giving clients analyses they actually need, and what the future of consulting looks like in a post-covid w...

National Fire Some Clients Day

Jennifer Wilson shares how she started her business, some of the pushback she has faced from firms reluctant to adapt and change, and why every firm should celebrate O...

Taxation Automation Station

Join Lorilyn as she talks to Peter Wen, a recovering CPA who fled the industry after a decade and went on to start a Tax Automation software company that can turn hour...

Back In Black : Advising For Profitability

Lorilyn meets up with Geni Whitehouse, founder of The Impactful Advisor to talk about all things advisory services, including tools, techniques, approaches, and strugg...

No Pain, No Gain: Growing Pains of Building a Firm

Nicole Davis shares the pains of hiring new employees, then losing them, and going through an acquisition.

“I’m Not Like Other Accountants, I'm a Cool Accountant:” Staying Relevant and Current

Annette Nellen dives into ways CPAs can keep up in our every-changing technical and technological environment.

Great Expectations: Setting Boundaries with Employees & Clients

Shayna Chapman shares why boundaries are important, and how to set them with clients and employees.

2.6 Out of 5 Stars: Why Accountants are Unhappy and What To Do About It

2.6 out of five stars : Accountants rank in the bottom 6% of careers for happiness. Why is this and what can we do about it? In today's episode I'm speaking with Donny...

The Worst Thing I Ever Did: Learning From the Mistakes of Others

Dan Luthi shares the three biggest mistakes he's made in his firm, what he’s learned from them, and how to avoid them in the future.

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